Earthgym Stick Training

Sticks and stones will heal my bones


When you find a good strong stick it can immediately ground you. It carries the energy of the earth, the vibrancy of the tree, the power of the roots, the wisdom of the earth.


It supports a deeper stretch – not just for your body, but for your mind. It is s reminder that you can stay strong an grounded, no matter what.


It heightens your sensory perception. You become more attuned to your body, environment, and your instincts. Imagine a vast tree with a sprawling root system. Those roots draw rich nutrients and moisture from the earth.


Imagine the strong branches of the tree, their leaves gathering the energy of sunlight. That is what you tap into when you wrap your fingers and hands around your stick. Energy, earth, sunlight and the memory of trees.


Plant one end of your stick firmly in the soil and it becomes an anchor for a variety of postures you could never do without it. Your body can surrender to the stretch without having to support its own weight. In other words, you can let go.


Your stick invites a deeper stretch, in body and mind. Add weights to the ends and you have a great way to build upper body strength. Spin it, dance with it, and you strengthen your core muscles, and wrists. 

 “Each day when I hike up the mountain, I bring my stick with me. Not only is it a great support when walking over the craggy terrain here.


Often I add weights the ends so I get to strengthen my upper body. I will twirl it, dance with it, stretch with it, flex and bend, and then use it as a seat when I need to stop and rest. It becomes an extension to my limbs.


It becomes a muse - I get so many insights and ideas while I walk, allowing the fluid movements to find their rhythm as I climb the mountain. Knowing there are wild animals here in the mountains, the stick could also serve as a weapon. So far I haven’t needed to use it in that capacity, but it’s comforting to know I could!”


         ~ Rachel Flower