Standing for Trees!

I’m on my pilgrimage Hohme, into the sacred mountains of OM (Olympic Mts). I make this pilgrimage frequently….it’s part of my training, my study, my immersion, devotion to Master OG (Old Growth), learning from my greatest teachers, our forest trees, mountains, living waters, our beloved Mother Earth.

My pilgrimages are filled with awe, love, an ever deepening commitment, yearning, desire, and ferocity of passion for our Earth to learn as much as I can from Her. That is why I come Hohme, and come often. I have clan in these lands and we muse and share and train together – sharing our gatherings…for we are creating our new story…always gathering , storing and then releasing in our share.

This journey is sacred. On one of my journeys last spring, I again made my way out into the Wild lands of OM. Journeying west. And this time, my heart broke. I sobbed and felt such intense anger rise inside. I notice more and more changes in the Lands. With climate change, the rivers are low. The usual full abundance of cascading waters into glorious Lake Crescent are dry or very low. Trees are turning brown and some are dying or have died. I always pray as I pass through clear cut lands…practice my Ho’oo ponopono prayers…”I am sorry, I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. I thank you.” Over and over and over again.

This time I broke down. As we have much more sun in the usually misty mountains, this time I saw ugliness and greed and mass destruction more than ever before. I saw whole half mountains mowed down. Nothing. Just. Dry. Brown. Dirt. Stumps. What?!!!! I had only a short while earlier been dancing with some of my dear Old Growth Maple tree friends in the national park…barefooting my way into a meadow of fern and moss, carrying my staff and then offering up a dance, a dance rising through my bare soles, up into my radiating heart, sending waves of love, joy appreciation to these Masters, these dear friendly giants through my body, my movements, my soft and springy steps, my eyes, my spinning staff and the dance of love undulating through all the tissues of my body. I am immersed with the Forest and enter into the NOME training and the halls of Enchantment. I dance until I can dance no more and then begin to dance….

Yet, now…. heading further west, passing more forests, sacred lands….the trees are gone. My heart throbs with agony. I begin to sob “What can I do? What can I do?” I ask. I love our trees! I love our trees! I love our Forests! We only have one home. These forests take generations upon generations to grow.

I know one thing I can do is care, care so, so deeply and not be afraid to feel my breaking heart. And then I can share! I can share for these trees and I can Stand with and for the Trees! When I arrived at my Hohme Dojo to train with Mick and Jacquie, without knowing what my heart was just feeling and questioning, Jacquie showed me this video Prince Ea put together, called Sorry. Please watch and share. In the last 100 years, people have cut down 50% of our Trees. Trees are amazing and they will keep on giving…and here is a call to be a Stand for Trees! A stand for our silent and grand Teachers and Friends, Master OG.

Here's the link to the video...

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