Spring Earthgym events popping up all over!

Spring has sprung all over the West!


As I type this, the sun is shining strong and the tree outside is sprouting new buds. I feel spring's energy in every cell of my body. Sitting inside the cafe takes all the discipline I can muster -- and I MUST because Mick Dodge and other members of the Earthgym clan are offering some really exciting events in the coming weeks.

So - hop over to the EVENTS PAGE and reserve your place.

Seattle area - two events in Snohomish plus a free lecture in Seattle - with Mick, Karen and Danielle

Portland - two classes hosted by Shay Seager

Lake Tahoe - Rachel and I are guiding "Find your feet, find your voice" for visionary women who want to plant their passion and purpose more deeply in the Land

San Francisco Bay Area - I'm offering events in April and May, with potential collaboration of Karen and Rachel (fingers crossed!) This is my third year offering Dance Your Earthbody through Bay Area Dance Week, which has become a fun and profound spring tradition.

If you're elsewhere, no worries - we'll be adding more resources to the Earthgym website this spring and summer to help you deepen your relationship with the Land where you live.

And remember, it's SIMPLE and endlessly fascinating...FOLLOW YOUR FEET, THE EARTH WILL TEACH!

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