Spring has sprung - message from Mick


Each day the sun rises stronger and longer in these lands of OM returning the spring to the land and as I step out of the winter insulation I can feel the spring touching it's way through my bare soles awakening the spring in my muscles minding into the heart of matter, and earth is the matter.

It is important to catch the spring season, very important. For it is the spring in the walk, run and dance that allows me to "dodge" my way through the greed of the modern culture story and plant my "seed" and allow it to "weed".

The "seed", "weed" and "greed" are three attitudes that give me guidance in the foot pursuit of my practice of "dodging" in The Earthgym!

I'm sending scouts into Seattle and the San Francisco Bay Area this spring. If you're nearby, you'll find wisdom and tribe there with Rafe and Carolyn.

~ Mick


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