Tribal Edge tends the fire in the Olympics - needs your help

Tribal Edge, led by Ben Sanford, is committing to a year-long fire tending and prayer vigil in Squim, Washington (on the Olympic Peninsula) as a symbol and demonstration of their commitment to planetary awareness, healing and protection.

"We owe it to the planet and each other to show our gratitude, to acknowledge our gifts, and to step into our role as care-providers and protectors."

The mission:

To connect to the Earth & Creator with gratitude and listen with our hearts.

To take responsibility for our situation and to and be willing to take action.

To demonstrate our hope, commitment, and faith in positive transformation.

Mick Dodge, the Barefoot Sensei, commented, "We are all lighting the torch, the flame the fire, the desire for change in these lands."

Tribal Edge is looking for 30 to 50 people willing to commit time as a fire keeper, and do the free training as needed. If they reach that goal by March 15, they will make the commitment and light the fire on March 20, 2014.

Learn more and get involved


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