Going out is coming in

I realize in going out into the Wilderness, I am really going in.

I love going out to go in – I love it so very much and I feel my heart pulling me to go out into the mountains more and more and more. There is so much to see, so many peaks to climb, so many mountains to gaze upon, trees to run under, soft moss to touch and bury my nose into while taking a deep, delighted breath of its earthy scent. There are so many many moments to experience!

When I go out (go in), I love to be out for as long as possible! I desire to see the WHOLE day, experience all the changes in light in the forest, on the trees, and the orange, red glow of the sun on the snowy peaks as the sun moves to the horizon. I love hiking down from the peak, through the cool, forest in the dusk light with bits of warm, glowing sunlight on the mossy tree trunks, and then taking in moments of stillness and magic while sitting at the edge of Mason Lake as the moon rises over the tree tops, trees still glowing from the setting sun’s orange rays. And listening to the water that’s flowing, cascading out down into a stream that becomes a river at the far mouth of the Lake. I’m the only human left on the Mountain at this point, just me and my beloved furry friend, Stella. I love these moments.

And the moment of my first glimpse of the mountain peaks – the jagged peaks with a dusting of snow on top. Oh I feel my heart expand …expand so much it aches with a great love, a yearning to express my love, and listen and connect with these great Beings. Sometimes I am moved to tears. Tears of such awe, such reverence and Love for our Planet, our Wilderness.

Yesterday the forest held so much silence and stillness. No breeze, or wind rustled the leaves or needles and only a soft breeze stirred the airs on the summit of Mt. Defiance. While hiking down from the peak through the forest, I felt the trees. I stopped …so in awe of their presence…the sweetness and Beauty of their energy.

~ Karen


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