What's an Earth Bar?

"The Legend of Mick Dodge" TV series has already sparked a new idea -- emerging on the north shore of Lake Tahoe: the first "Earth Bar".

What's an Earth Bar?

Think "sports Bar'...but for the Earth!.

Where people gather to watch Earth-wise shows like "The Legend of Mick Dodge."

...and share your personal 'touchdown' in the Earth = practices with the wild, how you live in harmony with nature, and insights from watching the show.

Earth Bars have:

TV with the Nat-Geo channel (or willing to get it) or DVD to share episodes

A phone or internet connection for a video call with Mick Dodge.

The place best suited actively cares for the Earth -- through commitments such as locally grown food, minimizing plastic and paper use, bike friendly location, energy saving measures, etc.

The idea of an Earth Bar emerged in Tahoe's Incline Village as it became clear lots of people who wanted to watch "The Legend of Mick Dodge" didn't have cable TV. And its more fun to share the show together (like a Sports Bar). And, Mick agreed to talk with us live from the Olympic Mountians!

The enthusiasm at the first gathering led to conversations about what an Earth Bar could be in communities all over the country. What do you think about this? Is there room after Monday Night Football for the Tuesday Night Earth Bar?

~ Jacquie

#earthbar #laketahoe #jacquiechandler

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