Tuesday Jan. 14 gathering at Lake Tahoe to watch the show

You're Invited....

Tuesday January 14, 7 pm

Tunnel Creek Cafe, Incline Village, NV

Join kindred locals to watch National Geographic's new TV show and share your experiences of connecting with the wild ~ and a live call-in conversation with Mick Dodge.

National Geographic's new TV show, "The Legend of Mick Dodge" has stirred a wild pulse. While Mick is pushing the envelope of living close to the land (in Washington's Olympic Mountains), many of us are connecting with the lake and the mountains right here in the Tahoe area.

Come out Tuesday and we'll watch the next 30-minute episode together (at 7 pm), then have a live call-in with Mick, continue the conversation among ourselves and try some EARTHgym moves.

Tunnel Creek Cafe http://tunnelcreekcafe.com/ will have snacks and drinks on hand for a minimal price. Tahoe Tap and show are free!

For more information:

Jacquie Chandler earthgym@yahoo.com


(back story)

Mick Dodge stepped out of his shoes and into the last remaining rain forest in the lower 48. An adventure that evolved from years of observation, tracking, playing. Meeting up with Incline Village resident Jacquie Chandler, a movement practice emerged called "The Earthgym". Movements designed by Mick and Jacquie inspired many other people to step outside into the Earthgym and share a quest for fitness, freedom and a personal, respectful relationship with the Earth. Jacquie met Mick in when a strong wind blew her into the "Two Fools Cafe" in the Half Moon Bay. He inspired her with his playful approach to using everything in sight as a fitness training opportunity and she inspired him with dance moves and leather crafting. Micks solo journeys in the wild would return insights that further evolved an earth-based training practice. Not only was the Earth a more diverse and exciting 24-hour fitness center, what was redefining their body was reshaping their minds. Soon Mick left the "luxury" of his house and job for the "abundance" found in nature and Jacquie relocated to Lake Tahoe, but they continued to evolve, expand and share the practice forward. At one point they set up an Earthgym base camp in Incline Village and hosted various training's and events. In collaboration with local resident Rachel Flower and Bay Area's Carolyn Brown they share a powerful embodied message in Trails and Vistas 'Songs of the Earth' Art Walk. Jacquie has taught Earthgym and Primal Design classes at Sierra Nevada College, and designed and crafted most of the garments Mick wears in the National Geographic TV show. She also is the co-founder of Sustainable Tahoe, a local non-profit actively facilitating geotourism, which like the Earthgym, inspires fun, personal, respectful connection with our habitat. She will be hosting the public viewing of the TV show at Tunnel Creek Cafe Tuesday night. www.sustaintahoe.org.

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