What is your Habitat?

Movements and habits are formed in Habitat.

The spell of separation wants us to forget our origins and ignore our native place in the Earth, but our bodies know the truth. And the desire to grow is strong. We pay attention to where we live ~ the place where we are forming relationship: our habitat.

City living cultivates sedentary forms - siting to eat, work, drive, use the computer, talk, "relax"... Makes sense to call it the Sitty. Scientific studies are coming out now that demonstrate the damage sitting does to our bodies. We weren't designed to sit in chairs all day. We were designed to move.

It's the first week of the "New Year," and the thing to do is make Resolutions to change our habits. How is that going to work if we don't change our habitat?

Movements and habits are formed in Habitat.

If we train and live inside climate-controlled rooms with flat surfaces, artificial lighting, no wind or rain... our bodies will train to that form. When we step out into the EARTHgym, a whole new world opens up. Diversity. The terrain, the weather, the obstacles, the surprises... and our bodies respond to all this diversity. The body naturally kicks into gear and starts to pay attention. It starts to play.

#earthgym #fitness #habitat

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