Making Sense

Military, atheletes and fitness trainers understand the power physical training can have in transforming flesh and focus. The next level is to use training and touch to heal our relationship to mind, body community and planet.

Environmental Awareness begins in the body.

As this consumer-based culture continues to fall apart at the seams, there is realization that what we are desperately trying to hold up has little to do with the survival of our SOUL. We've built a value system around (never-enough) 'Luxury' and reduced true 'Abundance', (earth) to scenery and resources.

This is an amazing time to reach out and touch...ground, re-engage and expand your stength with a rock, soften your flexibility with the limb of a tree, regain your balance in a rushing creek, and increase your endurance as your toes grip the dirt.

MAKE SENSE of what is truly valuable about your ability to suck wind for 80 odd years.

The EARTHgym walk demonstrates one solution for this complex insanity we call life. The call to action is simple; Step away from the machine, build a playful, practical and primal practice with the land, and you will know what to do, as your fear dissolves into a smile.

The EARTHgym walk and talk come from deep training in the Hoh River Valley. Show up to listen and support his walk, and then follow your feet. Feel the fire this marine will inspire. Let the wild inside your child play... and share the smiles of hope, love and dance so this crumbling mess we've made can start composting.

- Mick

#mickdodge #sensoryflow #fitness

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