Earthgym Resources


Are you ready to get started with your Earthgym practice? Or looking for resources to help you go deeper? 

When you start looking around for ways to train with the Earth, you'll find opportunities and resources everywhere. Here are some ideas and resources. 

Sticks, Stones & Straps


Find a fallen branch in a forest near you. It should be sturdy enough to support your weight. Height should be from about heart-high to chin-high. Different length, shape and tree will open up new possibilities in your practice. You can peel the bark or let it wear away over time. You can carve symbols into it, like the Earthgym 8 symbol, or anything you like. If you don’t have a way to find your own stick, you can use a walking stick, broom handle, etc. Make sure it is sturdy enough to support your weight and test it frequently as you explore movement.



The variety of stone is incredible – size, shape, mass, texture. Try one small stone in each hand, or 1 big jagged rock, or a wall of rock, or .... If there is no stone in your local area, you can experiment with brick, iron and even chunks of cement. Be creative!


Straps for tree-weaving

We’ll have a fresh batch of specially made straps coming soon. You can make your own with very sturdy rope (like rock-climbing rope) and careful knots, and some padding where your hands hold the strap. Pay attention to your design and knot-tying, and test frequently! Stay tuned for news about the new straps. 

Our lead crafter, Jacquie Chandler, is working on a kit with instructions so you can make your own moccasins and sandals. Meanwhile, there are some small companies we recommend where you can buy some right now,







Luna Sandals



Steger mukluks