Bonnie Hart created a community organization in New Jersey called, independently of Mick Dodge, Jacquie Chandler and the west coast Earthgym tribe. Clearly, the Earth walks in many shoes and speaks in many voices. Bonnie and the community cultivate both a healthy planet and healthy people through guided hikes, kayak trips, yoga outdoors and more.’s Four Main Objectives are:

  • Caring for the Earth

  • Stress Relief/Self Fulfillment

  • Community Service 

  • Physical Fitness


Special emphasis is placed on spending time in Nature to become rejuvenated and re-inspired about life. All excursions include the practice of “Heart-Sensing” which is a silent contemplative moment for seeing and hearing Nature more fully. This heart-to-heart connection with Nature provides a time-out from the modern day “to do” list in order to replace the worries and fears of the mind with the contentment, peace and enthusiasm of the heart.


This is a theme Bonnie carries into her one-on-one counseling practice which is available in person or over the phone. She is beloved as a counselor, yoga teacher and hiking guide.


Clients say, “Bonnie is full of wisdom and kindness; I always feel better after talking with her.” 


Bonnie Hart, Marlton, NJ

Ecopsychologist and Stress-Relief Specialist 

M.A. Transpersonal Psychology


Bonnie welcomes your inquiries: 


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New Jersey Earthgym Tribe

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