Mick Dodge, nicknamed The Barefoot Sensei, has brought a powerful teaching from the Old Growth forests of the Olympic mountains. He shares the Earth's teaching in the form of Earthgym movement practices, natural walking clinics and compelling talks based on many years of training with Master O.G. (Old Growth).  


Earthgym practice embodies the philosophy that we train *with* the Earth until we become *as* the Earth. Earthgym practices restore our native way of being and help people remember and restore a healthy, playful connection with the land, themselves and each other.


Mick's unique perspective and approach developed from his deep training in the wild, intensive martial arts training in Japan, Marine Corps service, leading boot camps, running, weight-lifting and more. The principles and practices he has developed make sense to all kinds of people – from committed yogis and runners to animal lovers and casual hikers. 


Mick has lived 62 years in three terrains: "Urban/City," "Open Fenced Lands" and the "Gated Wild Lands." (Shown on the Earthgym map.) Since 'our movements and habits are formed in habitat,' Mick lives and trains according to the habitat he is in. In the "gated wild," his camp my be in a tree. 


Mick is a "Thrivalist," not a "Survivalist." He was born in the Hoh Rainforest and raised in two worlds: a U.S. Marine base in Japan with his father and the Olympic forest with his logger grandfather during summers. His feet firmly rooted in the Olympics, his voice brings forth poetry and wisdom mused from the land. 


Mick has inspired countless people to step out into the Earthgym and deepen their own personal practice with the land. 

Mick Dodge, the Barefoot Sensei

"I have three passions in life: the first one is my teacher, the Hoh river in these lands of the Olympic Mountains... My second love and passion is my community, my clan that is spread out all through the three terrains. And my third passion is a calling and vision that I have been pursuing and running as long as I can remember, and that is to train and share a physical practice in the Earthgym."

           ~ Mick Dodge

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Mick: Opening the breath with wind and fire