Media Coverage ~ Mick Dodge and the EARTHgym

The new National Geographic TV series, "The Legend of Mick Dodge," is drawing a lot of attention. Our hope is that more people step out into the Earthgym and develop their own personal practice with the land. 

Mother Nature Network

He lives in a tree, doesn't wear shoes, and brushes his teeth with a pinecone


The Seattle Times

Hoh rain forest dweller featured in TV series


Tahoe Arts and Mountain Culture

Tahoe 'Earth Bar' highlights new 'game' Jan. 14


The Bellingham Herald

Mick Dodge, rain forest dweller


Business Insider

What It's Like To Live Barefoot In The Forest For Over A Decade



Miami Herald

Mick Dodge, Rainforest dweller


Vancouver Sun

Legend of Mick Dodge: Rainforest dweller featured on National Geographic channel


Zen Gardener

Meet Mick Dodge ~ Natural Man Extraordinaire