The 8 Map

Movements and habits are formed in habitat. 

The Earthgym map shows the flow that weaves through our 3 terrains:

urban/city (the "sitty"), Open Fenced and the Gated Wild.


Our cultural story is based on Domination over these terrains. The Earthgym invites Integration -- through your walk that connects the 3 terrains. The practices start to weave a path between the tame and the wild. The Open Fenced lands can provide a bridge for sacred circles, retreat centers and other places where you gather to share what the land has mused through you. 


Mick Dodge has lived 62 years in these 3 terrains:

  • City (Wastelands)

  • Open Fenced Lands

  • Gated Wild Lands


He walked deep into the forest to heal his feet and his heart, weaving a middle path between the tame and the wild.


Each of us moves through the 3 terrains in our own way. The deeper we go into the wild, the more we are shaped by nature's ways and supported as we move through the city.  


Your habits form to your Habitat


The Earthgym practice helps you discover how to thrive, as your form begins to shift to fit the natural habitat, starting with your feel your way.


Once your form becomes grounded in diversity, new awareness emerges. You walk that back into the 'wasteland - sitty' culture and things begin to shift. You become the change you want to see. The journey is 2 feet.