The Earthgym Tribe

The Earth is the teacher. 

Each person finds their own path. Guides are available to share what they've discovered so far.  Like any good sensei, an Earthgym guide is one step ahead, following their feet. 


Diversity is fundamental to the Earth & the Earthgym.

Earthgym practices are not a standardized, shrink-wrapped system. They were -- and continue to be -- mused from the Earth, where diversity is fundamental. Every person who goes deep into training with the Earth will find their own way of practicing, musing from the Earth through the body, and sharing what they find. Thus, each Earthgym guide shares the Earth's teachings in their own way.  


Truly, the Earth walks in many feet and speaks in many voices. 

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Mick Dodge
Olympic Mountains, WA

Co-creator of the Earthgym practices and Master Trainer

Learn more about Mick



Jacquie Chandler "Moonhair"
Lake Tahoe, NV

Co-creator of the Earthgym practices, master crafter and co-founder of Sustainable Tahoe


Jacquie is an Earthgym Guide living on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe. Her contribution, since 1993 in nurturing this active philosophy of integration with the nature through play has been in dance and flexibility to the movements and in crafting leather products, from moccasins and kilts and arrow quivers. She created an Earthgym / Primal Design college class at Sierra Nevada College in Incline Village, NV, guiding people to build a simple Earthgym practice along with crafting footwear and clothing to better connect with the natural terrain. Jacquie also heads Sustainable Tahoe, a non-profit organization facilitating the emergence of Lake Tahoe as a world stage for watershed stewardship.



Carolyn Brown
Colorado, San Francisco Bay Area & the Southwest


Carolyn Brown shares Earthgym training, EarthBody Practice, yoga and retreats with people who want to deepen their relationship with the Wild through powerful – and fun – direct experiences. A long-time yoga practitioner and Anusara Yoga teacher -- as well as a dancer, writer, eco-activist, athlete and wilderness explorer – Carolyn weaves movement and meditative practices to connect with the Wild. Her world opened up radically when she stepped outside with the intention to let the Land retrain her body and reclaim her mind. In 2007, she met Mick Dodge, the Barefoot Sensei, and began training intensively with him to bring all of her desire, skills and questions out into the Earthgym. She continues to deepen her apprenticeship with the Land, primarily in California and the Southwest. She weaves in and out of civilization to share insights, cross-pollinate and stock up on chocolate. 


Karen Fletcher
Seattle, WA


A cultural anthropologist, writer, certified qigong instructor and wilderness expedition leader, Karen brings the teachings, wisdom and mastery of the Chinese healing arts to people of all ages and cultures. She teaches qigong and dance (known as QiDancing) at conferences, retreat centers and corporate settings. Inspired by her extensive training with Mick Dodge, the Barefoot Sensei, Karen takes her qigong into the Mountains. She offers Qigong with Trees ~ Explore Your Earth Gym classes and Earth Gym play dates in Seattle parks. She also leads regular Qigong & Wilderness events in the Pacific Northwest, and leads Qigong & Wilderness trekking trips in Western China. Karen is a private student of ZY Qigong Grandmaster Xu Mingtang, has trained intensively with him at Shaolin Monastery in China and traveled with him worldwide. She is also a private student of one of China's 85 top-level certified Master Chinese Medicine doctors, Dr. Zhao Fuxue. Karen is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and holds a Masters in Public Health from UC Berkeley.

Rachel Flower
Lake Tahoe


Through her writing, coaching and wellness practice, Rachel weaves the wisdom of the Earthgym. She trains coaches, entrepreneurs and artists to develop their leadership instincts by accessing their ‘wild side’. She met Mick Dodge, and Jacquie Chandler in 2005 and began extensive Earthgym training, which had a deep impact on her relationship with the land and her work in the world.  Drawing from a background in mind-body-spirit practices, meditation as well as quantum physics, she developed a program called “Quantum Walkabout,” designed to heighten perception and stimulate creative thinking. Living on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe, she leads workshops and retreats, that include Earthgym practices, meditation, music and aromatic essences. In 2006 she established The Senssoma Institute to bring more ‘wild wisdom’ into the arts and business. Always a nature lover, if you can’t find her any time, she’s sure to be up the mountain or swimming in the lake.

Danielle Gennety
Snohomish, WA



Will of Stone

Portland, OR


The Earth walks in many feet

Bonnie Hart in Marlton, NJ


Bonnie Hart created a community organization in New Jersey called EarthGym, independently of Mick Dodge, Jacquie Chandler and the west coast tribe. Clearly, the Earth walks in many shoes and speaks in many voices.  Bonnie and her EarthGym community cultivate both a healthy planet and healthy people through activities that care for the Earth including guided hikes, litter clean-ups, kayak/canoe outings, eco-service retreats, camping trips, bike outings, yoga, and more. All of these activeities fundamentally are about connecting with Nature through the heart while having fun outdoors, meeting new friends, relieving stress, and boosting physical health.lieving stress, and boosting physical health.

Bonnie can be found counseling, teaching yoga,  leading hikes, hosting workshops, and providing Reiki . She also hosts  "The Hart of Rock n Roll" Saturdays from 8-10 am which includes "Yoga on Air" at 9-:30 am on Z88.9 FM or



Dr. Rusty Smith

Santa Barbara, CA

HardCore 360 gym



Dr. Hope Fay

Langley, WA

contact Dr. Hope 


Dr Hope Fay is a Naturopathic physcian practicing on Whidbey island in the Pacific Northwest, who has been grounding her feet and her practice into Mother Earth as a result of her Earthgym practice with Mick Dodge. She believes that we are not separate from the Earth or each other and has personally found the practice of living life barefooted as much as possible brings health and joy into her life. As a physician, she takes time to listen to her clients so that she can understand them and from that place offer loving care and support on their journey thru healing, to stand in the place of a witness of each persons self expression whether whole or broken, and offer a mirror of hope and self love. Dr hope knows that the more we are able to live in harmony and balance within ourselves the more we live it with each other and with our Mother Earth.



Joshua Leeger
Seattle, WA

Olympic Physical Culture


Josh trains experiential physiology practices grounded in habitat. 



Ben Sanford in the Olympics, WA

Tribal Edge


Founder & head instructor of Tribal Edge primal arts training center, Ben is committed to living with the earth while holding the space for transformation as a protector, healer, and guide. Born and raised on the Olympic Peninsula and barefoot most of his life, Ben founded Tribal Edge in 2002 to assist others on their journey towards the earth, and their potential.  Tribal Edge offers a variety of classes and programs in life supporting skills including primal fitness, martial arts, survival skills, tracking, and healing as well as the transformative experiences of youth rites of passage, and vision quests for adults. Tribal Edge also emphasizes the science, art, and philosophy of the training journey, while balancing the connection between oneself, creation, and the Creator. 



Rafe Kelley

The Olympic Mtns, WA

Evolve Move Play


Rafe Kelley is the founder of Evolve Move Play, a physical practice method devoted to developing the happiest, most adaptable, and resilient human through the diligent and playful practice of our innate evolved movement play drives, including locomotion, manipulation, and interactive movements. Rafe grew up in the Pacific Northwest running through the woods, climbing trees, dashing up and down creek beds, and roughhousing with his brother and cousins, which gave him a life-long love of movement. He has trained extensively in Parkour, including co-founding the west coast’s first parkour gym, and also trained in martial arts (starting at 6 years old), gymnastics, weight training, and methode naturelle.