Are your feet stuck in flowerpots? Can you  feel the shapes and textures of the land as you walk, run and dance? Do you want to connect more fully with the Earth? 


You can craft your own moccasins and running sandals that support your natural walk, run and dance ~ and fit each of your feet perfectly. 


Beyond "minimalist" running shoes and toe-separating shoes, your own custom moccasins and running sandals can open your soles to the land. They're perfect when barefooting isn't practical. 


Crafting all of your Earthgym gear can support your practice and your relationship with your local terrain. 


Jacquie Chandler leads the Earthgym crafting, based in the Lake Tahoe basin. She is a master leather-crafter, creating beautiful, practical Earthwear for Mick Dodge, Washo tribal leader Art George and many others.


Jacquie crafted all of the Earthwear worn by Mick Dodge in the National Geographic TV series, "The Legend of Mick Dodge."


Jacquie leads Primal Design workshops where you can create your own moccasins and other custom Earthwear. She also taught a Primal Design class at Sierra Nevada College in Incline Village, NV.  

Earthwear ~ Primal Design