Shapeshifting and Barefoot Earthwisdom at Omega Institute  

with Llyn Roberts & Karen Fletcher -  May 23-24, 2014, Rhinebeck, NY

Enjoy Memorial Day Weekend at Omega Institute!


Many cultures believe we are in the midst of a transformation of consciousness unlike any humankind has experienced. In this experiential workshop, we integrate modern and indigenous approaches from diverse cultures with simple movement forms that integrate body, mind, heart, ancestors, and the Earth to enter sacred time and tap into the deep wisdom available to us now.


In restoring our connection with the Earth and by applying powerful shamanic techniques to access expanded realities, we can shapeshift our bodies, mindsets, and the cultural story. Together we:


  • Retrieve power, wisdom, and heal with spiritual guides, stone beings, and tree people

  • Practice soft, strong, and sensory walking to recover our natural footing on the land

  • Empower higher purpose through life-shifting Siberian and Mayan fire ceremonies

  • Restore movement patterns that open us to communicate with and be guided by the Earth

  • Absorb and direct natural power that surrounds us all the time

  • Be inspired to recover your passion and cocreate a world that will nurture us, the Earth, and future generations.


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